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Tour de Pumpkin - The Halloween Family Fun Ride of Charleston Cycle Fest
where bicyclists and bicycles dress up.  Featuring the Pumpkin Pie Stop.
Sunday October 30th, 2005 4pm -
Meet at the Aquarium Wharf by 4pm.  Pumpkin Pie
stop at the Top of the Bridge & social time at Fleet Landing after the ride.

4 Days - Quad Century

Thursday November 3rd:
CSS Hunley/Old Navy Base Ride Start.
Routes will be 15, 30,60, &100 miles.  This ride has limited full-service stops and SAG.
CUE sheets are not available in advance (day of only with official wrist band).  
All riders will have arm bands that will be the ticket for CUE sheets, rest stops,
and to receive SAG support.  All routes will stop by at USS Hunley and the old
Navy base.  The USS Hunley offers tours for $15.  Longer routes will stop by
Cypress Gardens
Friday November 4th:
Fort Moultrie Lunch Ride Routes will be 15, 30,60, &100 miles.Route and stops featuring:
Crossing newCooper River Bridge, East of the Cooper River area,
USS YORKTOWN, & Patriot's Point.  The longer routes will pass
ALHAMBRA HALL,  LUNCH stop (optional fee)- Ft Moultrie
(ocean and sand- walk to beach, and view Ft Sumter 1/2 mile away)
Fabulous Friday Fixed Gear Ride: This ride will depart from the
Bicycle Shop on Meeting Street at 4pm and will be ~27 route to Folly Beach.  
Bring your fixed-gear bicycle and enjoy a stop at a local watering hole at the
beach.  Can you think of a better way to spend your Friday evening?  Dusk is at
6:30 so be prepared to be back by then or bring plenty of lights and reflectives.
Saturday November 5th:
Festivelo de Charleston ride: Routes will be 15, 30,60, &100 miles.
Route and stops featuring: Crossing
the James Island Connector Bridge, Harborview Road  area, Department of
Natural Resources, Folly Beach, Johns Island, & Wadamalaw.  The James Island
Connector Bridge is closed for a run so we would like all riders to cross before
the run by 7:30am.  There will be a stop at the last plantation to function in the city
of Charleston.  McLeod Plantation is no longer in operation but it is a beautiful stop.  We will enjoy lunch (lunch fee
separate) at the Pier at Folly Beach.  The longer routes will make a stop that will
allow you to view the lighthouse at
Morris Island (a 1/4 mile walk) the longer routes will head toward Johns Island.

Sunday November 6th:
The Fast & Flat: 60 or 100 mile options will start at 7am and head out highway 61 passing Middleton Gardens,
Magnolia Gardens, and travel towards Walterboro.  Because of the other featured rides this morning the Fast & Flat will
have limited rest stops and SAG.
Historic Charleston Bicycle Tours: The early morning rides are guided tours designed to be about an
hour but depending on questions and traffic could go much longer.  The route will take you through Charleston's
historic district.  The first tour leaves at 7am and tours will leave every 15 minutes with the last one leaving at 8:30.  
Tours are limited to 15 riders.  This tour is part of the Full/VIP rider fee or the $40 daily fee for Sunday.  The Daily for Full
rider fee will give you access to all of Sunday's rides.

Tour de Sprawl Charleston: Tour de Sprawl is an educational tour highlighting issues of
sprawl as they relate to our community and impact our air and water quality, environment, health of
our citizens, and quality of life.  The tour is ~15 and will take you through downtown Charleston and
across the Cooper River on the new Cooper River Bridge Bicycle and Pedestrian Lane.  Rest stops
are sponsored by Whole Foods Market and staffed by the Sierra Club.  After the Tour de Sprawl join
us in Brittlebank Park for the Post Tour de Sprawl ice-cream social, music and interesting vendor and
organizations displays.

The tour is a series of informal presentations along a
~20 mile route through the Charleston area.  
The presentations given by national and regional authorities on issues of sprawl, urban design and
sustainability will all ask the question:
Which way do we grow? REGISTER FOR THIS RIDE

October 30th - November 6th 2005
Charleston Cycle Fest
Charleston Moves Presents
mile options every day
All riders must obey the  laws of SC that apply to vehicle
traffic and bicycles.  
View from James Island
Connector Bridge
New Cooper River Bridge
Bike/Ped Lane on
New Bridge
The Citadel
Military College
Pictures of Tour de Sprawl in Athens, GA.