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Bicycle Film Fest

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October 30th - November 6th 2005
Charleston Moves Presents
Charleston Cycle Fest
Bicycle Film Festival
Your favorite bicycle films are coming to town!
The Charleston Cycle Fest Bicycle Film Festival has a line-up of bicycle-featuring films for your
entertainment and viewing pleasure!  Come enjoy the evening with a bicycle flick on the big screen
- OUTDOORS!  Thanks to Azalea productions for partnering with the Charleston Cycle Fest
Bicycle Film Festival to make this possible.
The Bicycle Corp: America’s Black Army on Wheels  
Wednesday Nov. 2nd 6
At the end of the 19th century, many military experts believed that the
bicycle could replace the horse as a means of transporting troops.  The
colored 25th Infantry was chosen to test that theory.  On June 14 1897
a small group of African-American soldiers, led by white officers and
accompanied by a local newspaper reporter, departed Fort Missoula,
Montanta.  Forty-one days and over 1,900 miles later, they reached
their destination – St.Louis, Missouri- after traveling over every possible
type of rugged terrain and enduring every kind of bad weather.  This
documentary film looks at how the Bicycle Corps came into being, and
details the progress and hardships of their amazing journey. A PBS
documentary. (2000, 57 min)
Location: Stern Center Gardens (College of Charleston Campus)
Cost: FREE

Return of the Scorcher
Wednesday Nov. 2nd 7:45-8:15pm
“In the 1890’s before automobiles ruled the roads, bicyclists were
referred to as “Scorchers” because of their blazing speed.  A century
later, in a world filled with smog, traffic jams and car-related social
problems Return of the Scorcher discovers an inspired and evolving
bicycle renaissance…Filled with inspiring scenes of bikes used around
the globe, Return of the Scorcher questions our obsession with
“progress” and “status” and presents a diverse community of cycling
visionaries who see the bicycle as a life-affirming vehicle for change.”  
Directed by Ted White. (1992, 28 min)
Location: Stern Center Gardens (College of Charleston Campus)
Cost: FREE

Wednesday Nov. 2nd 8:30-9:00pm
When the USSR collapsed, Cuba lost 80% of their oil supply.  This
movie documents how they bought 1.2 million bicycles, switched 5 bus
factories to bicycle manufacturing, educated riders on how to ride,
changed the city of Havana to accomodate bikes, posted bicycle signs,
did job swaps to reduce length of commutes and in the process created
more human interaction and community. (1996, 27 min)
Location: Stern Center Gardens (College of Charleston Campus)
Cost: FREE

The Bicycle Thief
Thursday Nov. 3nd 6:30-8:00pm
Antonio Ricci, unemployed for over two years, is overjoyed when he’s
finally given a job putting up posters.  There’s a catch, though – he
needs a bicycle as a requirement of the job, so he pawns the family
linen to get a pawned bicycle back.  He goes off to his first day’s work,
truly happy for the first time in years – and the title of the film gives
away what happens next…
Location: Brittlebank Park
Cost: FREE

I Heart Huckabees
Thursday Nov. 3nd 8:15-9:45pm
Determined to solve the coincidence of seeing the same conspicuous
stranger three times in a day, Albert hires a pair of existentialist
detectives, who insist on spying on his everyday life while sharing their
views on life and the nature of the universe.
BIKE’s ROLE: Albert is an environmentalist who rides his bike
everywhere throughout the movie – the end includes a bicycle chase.
Location: Brittlebank Park
Cost: FREE

Better Off Dead
Friday Nov. 4th 6:30-8:00pm
Not about biking per se, but there’s a tenacious paper boy who follows
the protagonist everywhere on his bike –including down the dreaded K
12 ski slope – in hopes of collecting his $2 payment.  
Location: Brittlebank Park
Cost: FREE

Friday Nov. 4th 8:15-9:45pm
Jack Casey (Kevin Bacon) used to be a hot-shot stock market whizkid.  
After a disastrous professional decision, his life in the fast lane is over.  
He loses his nerve and joins a speed delivery firm which relies on
bicycles to avoid traffic jams of New York City.  He soon is attracted to a
fellow bicycler, Terri, and befriends Hector, a budding entrepreneur.  
Can Jack regain his nerve and his self-respect and rebuild his life on a
more sound basis? (1985, 113 min)
Location: Brittlebank Park
Cost: FREE
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The Bicycle Corp
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I Heart Huckabees
The Bicycle Thief
Better of Dead
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