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Basic Bicycle Maintenance and Repair Workshop:
Tuesday November 1st 5:30pm
@ College of Charleston Stern Center Gardens
(Stern Center Gardens behind Stern Student Center on corner of George & Coming Street)
Casey from Mike's Bikes leads a
workshop on basic bicycle
Don Sparks, President of
Charleston Moves
teaches a workshop on
bicycle touring.  Don
rode across the U.S. on a
triple tandem with his
wife and son.  He's
traveled by bicycle in
places as varied as
South Africa, Holland,
and France.
Bicycle Touring 101 Workshop
Wednesday November 2nd
@ College of Charleston
Stern Center Gardens
(Stern Center Gardens behind Stern Student Center on corner
of George & Coming Street)
Learn the basics of bicycle maintenance and repair from the
bicycle mechanics and experts at Mike's Bikes and
Backwoods.  Start with the basics of how to fix a flat and then
learn about your breaks and chain and how to trouble shoot
so that you don't end up lost and confused on the side of
the road.
Ever wanted to take a weekend trip by bicycle?  Do you aspire
to bicycle across South Carolina?  Or maybe even the U.S.?  
Hear from veteran bicycle tourist Don Sparks on what to expect
what to and what not to pack and have your questions
answered.  Leave with the inspiration and confidence you need
to take your first bicycling adventure!
October 31st - November 6th 2005
Charleston Cycle Fest
Charleston Moves Presents
Bicycle Fitting Clinic
Wednesday November 2nd
5:30pm @ Joe Riley Stadium (location of packet
pick-up, next to Brittlebank Park)
The Clinic will demonstrate how to determine proper positioning of the rider on their bike given
their body type, bicycle type, riding style and flexibility. This will include cleat position, saddle
position and hand placement.   We will discuss common cycling maladies and how to fix them.  
Also, proper pedaling technique and a demonstration of the “Spinscan” computer program
which analyzes pedal stroke will be part of the program.  
Yoga for Cyclists Classes
:00-4:30pm Thurs, Fri, & Sat (November 3-5th) @
oward Johnson Hotel (on Lockwood Drive & Spring Street,
facing the Ashley River
Ever want to try yoga?  Yoga  is beneficial for the mind and body and
has been known to decrease stress and increase strength, flexibility and
balance.  Whether you are brand new or an experienced Yogi come try
out this class and see how yoga can compliment your cycling.  Lyn
Talley  is a certified yoga instructor and teaches classes in Charleston at
Serenity & Blue Turtle Yoga